Client Resources

Absolutely no firearms, illegal medications or contraband are permitted on board or in the luggage or storage compartments of our vehicles.

COVID -19 Protocols

COVID-19 protocols are in effect.  All passengers will be screened  before boarding and will be expected to follow Public Health guidelines while on board the coach.  The coaches are intended for the clients on the manifest.  For the health and safety of our drivers and the client, guests are not permitted on the coaches at this time.

COVID 19 Letter to Clients

COVID 19 Passenger Information

COVID 19 Passenger Contact Form for Tracking

Crossing Border Clients:

Please have each passenger ready for border crossings including passports, visas, and other documentation.

You MUST have customs paperwork if you are taking ANY work related tools of the trade across the border.  This includes, but is not limited to instruments, tools, production equipment, and merchandise.  Personal luggage only (clothes, etc) can cross without.  The driver will not attempt to cross the border without knowing that customs paperwork is on board. If they see any tools of the trade on board without a carnet, you may be turned back.

Trailer Information and allowable weights:

We utilize 8.5′ x 14′ enclosed cargo trailers with ramp doors, with e-track logistics track, load bars and straps included.  Please provide 3 locks to secure the trailer on your tour.

Your maximum pay load may be no more than 6000 lbs.  This means that all equipment and products that you load into the trailer may not exceed the recommended weight.  Be aware that just because there may still be space inside the trailer, doesn’t mean you haven’t reached the maximum allowable weight.  Including the trailer weight, the combined weight of trailer and equipment may not exceed 10000 lbs.  This is for safety.  Should you require  more weight capacity, we recommend a truck be used for your tour.   Please keep in mind, trailers add to your drive time and lessen fuel economy.   Trailers will be weighed immediately following loading and alternate shipping arrangements are your responsibility should the trailer be over weight.  We will not operate with an overweight trailer.

Driver Hours of Service Regulations:

Please review the information in the links below.  Our drivers are required to operate legally while on tour.  Please keep in mind that driver rest periods are for your safety and using the coach as a taxi or interrupting the drivers rest period to move a coach seriously impacts the driver.  We will work with you to plan arrival timing and parking at venues.  Remember, the driver is responsible for passenger lives while operating the coach and we want you and other passengers confident the driver has had sufficient rest.

 Electronic Logs for Drivers and impact on tour schedules:

Effective December 2017, drivers of trucks and buses have been required to use electronic log books to record their hours of service.  The regulations apply to vehicles manufactured in 2000 and newer.  Electronic logs are widely used in Europe and  North America.  Essentially every time a driver starts their vehicle they will be required to log ON DUTY affecting their available hours of service.  ELD’s will be connected to engine computers and satellite tracking and can not be tampered with nor adjusted.