Gypsy Wind Song

Especially dear to Heidi and Mike MacLean, Gypsy Wind Coach founders, is the song “Gypsy Wind” written by Christian Stonehouse, featuring Brent Howard Knudsen that was written in the back lounge of “Teacher’s Pet” while travelling from Chicago to Sydney, Nova Scotia.  The song reflects Mike’s feelings and life as a bus driver leaving Heidi at home to raise their four kids, teach school, operate the office portion of the coach company, and live life itself.

“Gypsy Wind” – Christian Stonehouse, featuring Brent Howard Knudsen

Gypsy Wind Coach – The Beginnings.

Gypsy Wind Coach began with a dream shared by the husband and wife team of Heidi and Mike MacLean.  Shortly after the sale of their theatrical lighting and staging company, that they operated for 15 years, Heidi and Mike found themselves wanting to continue in a support role for the entertainment and event industries.  Mike always wanted to have an entertainer coach to call his own.  His love of travel, and love of an industry for which he had spent his entire working career, formed the foundation of Gypsy Wind Custom Coach Corporation.

An opportunity presented itself, and after several weeks of research and effort, the purchase of their first motor coach, “Teacher’s Pet”, was finalized in August 2009. “Teacher’s Pet”, a Prevost XL 12 bunk sleeper coach, with a long history of serving entertainers, began a new life with Gypsy Wind Custom Coach.  As Ontario’s only public vehicle licensed entertainer coach, Mike and Heidi began operations.  The first tour was with comedian Russell Peters!  As word spread that there was a coach now based in Ontario, Gypsy Wind Coach’s popularity grew and so did their client list!  Their licensing includes full operating authority to all parts of Canada and USA.  Strict insurance and inspection requirements are met or exceeded, and a rigorous preventative maintenance program is in place to allow for smooth operations.

In August of 2015, following a family vacation to Nashville, Mike and Heidi were again presented with an opportunity to acquire another coach.  Taking a leap of faith to expand their dream, Heidi and Mike welcomed “Justah”, a Prevost XLii to the fold in November 2015.  Interior conversion by Hemphill Brothers Coaches, known for their unmatched quality, “Justah” met all Federal regulations for importation and is an exquisite example of luxury tour bus design and build.  Granite floors, real leather upholstery, inviting interior, nothing was overlooked. “Justah” looks and rides like she was built yesterday!  Heidi and Mike could not be any happier with their decision.  Within weeks of arriving and passing all inspections, “Justah” hit the road with Alan Doyle!

What’s In A Name?

There are a number of influences involved in the naming of our company and our coaches.  ‘Gypsy Wind’ was the name of a song by Canadian artist Ray Lyell.  There was a lyric that referenced “…on a midnight coach westbound”.  That line had stuck with Mike since he first heard the song in the mid 1980’s.  So when time came to find a name, it seemed a natural choice.  “Teacher’s Pet” was influenced by a respected relative.  Additionally as the spouse of an educator, Mike played on the notion that the coach was Heidi’s favourite, and thus, christened the first coach “Teacher’s Pet”!  “Justah” was incidentally named by the receptionist at Hemphill Brothers while having a conversation with our driver when he was picking up the coach.  It was more than ‘just-a’ bus, ‘just-a’-nother tour, ‘just-a’-bout the best coach we have ever seen….  What more needs to be said?!

We have a rich history of serving many clients, and their crews.  We look forward to being of service on your next tour!

Video and Song Exposure

Gypsy Wind Coach has been featured in several music videos.  Most notably, Neverest – ‘About Us’  ,  Neverest – ‘Hello/Goodbye’ , Alan Doyle – Summer Summer Night  . Mike even has a cameo appearance!


"Justah" - 2005 Prevost XLii

“Justah” –  Prevost XLii

"Teacher's Pet" - 1991 Prevost XL

“Teacher’s Pet” –  Prevost XL

Trailer 8′ 6″ x 14′ x 7’6″